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Albert Dela Torre (ADT) is an independent PRC Licensed Real Estate Broker (PRC Real Estate Brokers License No. 85), Appraiser (PRC Real Estate Appraisers License No. 5718) and Real Estate Consultant (PRC Real Estate Consultants License No. 99) based in Manila, Philippines that can help and give you professional advice and perspective for your real estate needs from residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural to beach resorts. He has been in the industry since 1994 and can help you assess the fair market value, running price rates of the properties you want to Search, Buy, Sell, Invest or Lease.

ADT also provides real estate consultancy services on project feasibility study, property management, rentals, appraisals, title transfer and documentation.

Albert and his team stays abreast with the market industry and attends various continuing professional development seminars in the real estate industry. He is a member of REBAP (Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines ) since 1998 and became Chapter President of Pasig Year 2000 and co-founded REBAP Ortigas in 2007. He served as REBAP National Director in 2013. He is energetic, positive, a good analyst and has keen negotiating skills which foster collaboration even in the most challenging situation.

Our advantage over the years is that ADT Real Estate Services have maintained good professional relationship with real estate related government agencies and our selected, trusted Developers.

Investing on real estate is a great move and we can help you weigh your needs, assess your investment vs. location, property attributes, developer’s track record, valuation, appraisal, market trend and by good vibes.

OUR PASSION is REAL ESTATE and we can get the job done effectively!

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