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Condo living defines the lifestyle of busy, and on-the-go people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time (or a day off) to keep your space clean and fresh. Remember, you don’t want to be embarrassed when your family and friends come over.

Oh, can you just imagine what your mom would think?

“Such a small place and you can’t even take care of it properly?”

Here are some helpful cleaning hacks to keep your condo unit in tip top shape:

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Are you trying to beat the morning traffic? Are you running late for an important meeting? Are you trying to choose a dress for a special occasion? Whatever it is, if you took a bath, freshened up, and got dressed, NEVER EVER leave your dirty clothes on the floor. It is the start of having a messy room. You’ll tell yourself, “I’ll pick this up later,” but you won’t until after weeks later, when you’re buried under all of it. It’s nice to have a hamper where you’re getting dressed so you don’t forget the reminder to put it inside.


What’s a few minutes of sweeping everyday to keep dust and dirt away from your unit? It’s not that hard. All you need is a handy broom and a brush. Before you prepare for the morning ahead, just sweep from 2-3 minutes. And if you can spare some more time to vacuum up and mop, that would be better.


There’s always a way to create more space in a tiny area if you get creative. Your shoes should not be in the way (bedroom, hallway, living room, etc.) for people to trip on. Organize with a shoe cabinet, or by stacking them under your bed. You may also use tension rods for instant shoe organization. It’s cheap and easy DIY you may want to try!


A clean bathroom is the ultimate sign of a clean home. It can improve your overall health, as well as the people living in the condo unit with you. So how does one really clean a bathroom?

  • Apply a toilet bowl cleaner (sof tdrinks or all-purpose cleaner will do the job too), and scrub it with a toilet brush.
  • Prop the brush under the toilet seat to let it drip-dry.
  • Wipe clean the counter top, toilet, faucet, sink, shower head, glass, etc. with a microfiber cloth. In the first run, make sure it has a disinfectant, or soap. Then in the second run, just have the microfiber cloth damp (with water).

These are all easy tasks, right? Now, do your job and keep your unit clean!

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